The Beatles (Arctic Monkeys cover) - Come Together
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Come Together // The Beatles (Arctic Monkeys Cover) 

this is so fucking incredible, woah


when it’s morning and u have to go to work


ay man thats coool if you ever have any magic related ANYTHING hmuuuu

alright n____n

did I know you played Magic already maybe thats why i first saw you haha but thats kewwwl is it mostly from the new sets? Like Theros or Return to Ravnica and such

idk i don’t think you knew??? lol. and it’s mostly theros but I’m bullshitting a bunch of mana at the moment so it’s really old land

whats in it? I didnt know you played

it’s a control deck so it’s based on a lot of instants and sorcery. I’ve got some heavy defensive blue creatures and quick hitting one drops greens tho


Conflict of Disinterest [loadingartist]


"dick is abundant and low value"

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Rose Bud Necklace

Inside of this vintage watchmaker’s vial rests a tiny rosebud. Rich red in color, this rose is forever preserved for your viewing pleasure. Hung on your choice of a 20”, 22”, or 24” chain, available in sterling silver, 14k gold, or brass. Sold on Etsy.


Even if you don’t have photoshop, you can still totally…
Edit photos
Touchup selfies
Put filters and gradients on photos
Use instagram style filters
Add stickers to photos
Make a typography edit
Make a transparent PNG
Make a pixel speech bubble
Fake a tweet
Fake a text
Make a GIF
Make a seamless background tile
Have fun!